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My friend, I’m so glad you found your way here.  You’re in the right place if:


  • Your relationships are dictated by PMS, decreased sex drive, and moodiness

  • You’re a tired mama who needs help prioritizing your needs

  • You’ve been having a lot of strange and worsening symptoms such as bloating, headaches, hair loss, feeling cold all the time, anxiety, hot flashes, and anxiety

  • You want to take a natural approach to your health before resorting to birth control pills or hysterectomy

  • Your faith in a Higher Power has been tested because of the consequences of your health

  • You’re ready to show up for yourself, with a friend to hold your hand and help you put the jigsaw puzzle of healing together with you.  


Meet Rose Hollo

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor,
Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner

Hi, my clients call me "Dr. Rose," and I work with mamas of faith like you, who are battling estrogen dominance and in the habit of burning the candle at both ends. I truly enjoy leading women out of the darkness and teaching them to start caring for their whole selves the way their Higher Power intended using natural and inspirational approaches so they can feel happy, hopeful and healthful again!

I'm "mommy" to two living children, and I have struggled with many physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of my own over the years. But, with the right natural practitioners, along with my own faith, research, and determination, I began to pull myself out of the pit of Dis-ease. I have been given a second lease on life!


I realized that if I was able to improve my own seemingly hopeless situation using mostly lifestyle and natural interventions, I can help others do the same.  

Meet Dr. Rose

Weed Out Estrogen Dominance,
Divinely Bloom 

Traditional Naturopathy for a Mother's Mind, Body & Soul

Why Naturopathy

Why Traditional Naturopathy for Hormone Balance?

Balance is a Big Part of Naturopathy

Stopping or preventing the process of dis-ease requires you to support and balance your mind, body, and soul.. After all, imbalances in the body lead to its weakening, which allow illnesses to attack the body. A naturopath assesses your health and lifestyle and points out practices that are promoting this imbalance. They will then give you some recommendations based to incorporate into your life to promote wellness.

Naturopathy is Low Risk, High Benefit

If you're willing to put in the work, this will ring true. Since a naturopath is simply trying to support and balance the "whole you,"  there is low risk of naturopathy reacting negatively with conventional treatments that you choose to continue. There are few risks that are associated with natural interventions compared with prescription pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures.  The suggestions specified by a naturopath also help with overall wellness and boosting immunity.

Gentler And More Natural Approach

Since a naturopath focuses on a person's own ability to heal, they recommend gentler techniques to help with the symptoms a client is experiencing. Dietary supplements, improved nutrition, exercise, prayer, breath work, daily devotions, and many other lifestyle-related changes can strengthen and nourish the mind, body, and soul.  While there can be discomfort with some strategies, this effect can be managed by working closely with your naturopath who is willing to coach you along the way.  

There is plenty of solid research showing that stress, trauma, over-functioning, unhealthy lifestyle, environmental toxins, and spiritual disconnection contribute to hormonal imbalance.
Traditional Naturopathy addresses all of these and more!


"Today has been a really good day with my naturopathic doc, Dr. Rose. We have some goals and things to continue working towards... So hard to believe I have been at their practice for a full year. Through the past year I have become more spiritual and deeper in my Christian faith.  I have been challenged, told hard truths, and above all loved and accepted.  I am so immensely thankful and blessed to have been able to have services through them... Without them, I would hate to see where I would be at, no lie.  Having energy, having tools in my toolbox is just an added bonus. "

— Amber Ann

Dr. Rose Hollo

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